Ecco Hybrid Wind Extractor in the industrial field

The new Ecco Hybrid Wind Extractor consists of the combination of the Basic Wind Extractor with an Electric Fan designed to guarantee a permanent extraction flow with minimal energy consumption, achieving healthy spaces full of life thanks to the renewed and clean air from outside. It uses an electronically commutated (EC) motor operating during periods when ventilation requirements are greatest.

Making a comparison with different mechanical extraction systems on the market, taking into account the extraction flow, the Ecco Hybrid Wind Extractor is the ventilation-extraction system that consumes the least in the world market.



Ecco Hybrid Wind Extractor

Extractores eólicos - Eccoextractores - ecco hibrido componentes
Extractores eólicos - Eccoextractores - hotspot Extractores eólicos - Eccoextractores - hotspot hover
Extractores eólicos - Eccoextractores - hotspot Extractores eólicos - Eccoextractores - hotspot hover
Extractores eólicos - Eccoextractores - hotspot Extractores eólicos - Eccoextractores - hotspot hover
Extractores eólicos - Eccoextractores - hotspot Extractores eólicos - Eccoextractores - hotspot hover
Extractores eólicos - Eccoextractores - hotspot Extractores eólicos - Eccoextractores - hotspot hover
Extractores eólicos - Eccoextractores - hotspot Extractores eólicos - Eccoextractores - hotspot hover
Extractores eólicos - Eccoextractores - hotspot Extractores eólicos - Eccoextractores - hotspot hover

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Its operation is based on the use of two fictitious engines:

• The hybrid ventilation system works by taking advantage of the force of the wind, and if that were not enough, the hybrid part would be activated using different accessories such as the hygrostat, thermostat, ultra-saving kit, control unit kit, time programmer, etc..
• The joint work of the wind ventilation plus the hybrid one make the consumptions the lowest of the market.

• In addition, the extraction flow of the Ecco-Hybrid Wind Extractor can be regulated, increasing or decreasing the revolutions of the Electric Fan by using a potentiometer, adjusting it to the extraction needs.

• The Ecco Hybrid Wind Extractor is listed as one of the most effective ventilation systems that comply with the Technical Building Code and with the HS3 of the Health section.




    Which activates the electric fan when the extraction function of the wind turbine is not sufficient to adjust the interior temperature programmed in the thermostat.


    Activates the electric fan when the extraction function of the wind turbine is not sufficient to adjust the% relative humidity, programmed in the Hygrostat.


    Managing to set a constant extraction flow, so that the activation and power of the electric fan adapts to the extraction of the wind turbine that depends on the wind speed, and also on the thermal and pressure difference between the interior and exterior of the facilities to ventilate. The savings achieved with the Ultra-saving Kit can lead to a reduction in consumption by 50-90% compared to a conventional mechanical extractor.

     This Accessory meets the needs required in the updated version of the Technical Building Code of June 2017, in chapter HS3 Health.


    It gives the possibility of controlling the extraction, the supply of air through grids, taking into account the parameters to be controlled such as temperature and relative humidity, etc.

     The Ecco Hybrid Wind Extractor complemented with the “Control Unit Kit” can apply the Ecco Free Wind Cooling technique more info… by controlling the interior and exterior temperature by means of two probes, and the convenience of extracting or not, depends on whether the interior temperature is higher or lower than the exterior one, thus managing to cool the facilities conveniently with very low consumption. Specifically, the consumption is 50-70% lower than that of a conventional mechanical extractor.

control UNIT KIT

The New Concept of Ecological Ventilation: The “ECCO-Free Wind Cooling” ventilation technology

Next we are going to explain the advantages of ventilating using the EccoFree Wind Cooling technique, as well as the feasibility of using it in Spain, in warmer locations.

Ecco-Free Wind Cooling is the technique that can most reduce the energy bill of our facilities, but how much? As is logical, the potential savings will depend on the number of hours throughout the year, and require that the ambient temperature outside our facilities are in the suitable ranges to apply this technique.

The suitable ranges for the use of Ecco-Free Wind Cooling will depend fundamentally on the external conditions (temperature and wind speed) and on the internal temperature of our facilities.

The normal operating state is generated by using wind energy for free ventilation. Even if it is not windy, if there is a difference in temperature between the interior and exterior, it would continue to ventilate but with a lower extraction flow. If this flow were not enough to balance the system, the control unit controlled by two probes (one internal and one external) would be activated to achieve the balance.


Ecco-Free Wind Cooling applications in Spain

Let’s see, according to the AEMT the distribution of average temperatures in Spain is:

Extractores eólicos - Eccoextractores - mapa temperaturas medias espac3b1a

As we can find, most of the Spanish territory is apt to achieve significant savings with this type of technique.

Extreme situation

We have already seen that in most of the Spanish territory we could use this technique, but what happens for example with an installation that is located in Seville? Possibly that’s the worst possible scenario and we are going to analyse it: 

Extractores eólicos - Eccoextractores - sevilla1

We can see that even in the months of June to September it is possible to take advantage of the minimum temperatures that exist normally in nocturnal periods to cool the facilities, ensuring that the building does not acquire a thermal gain day by day starting from zero the next day.


Replying on the consistency of the study and analysis of the data (savings versus cost), it could be concluded that this technique is perfectly usable throughout the entire geography of the Iberian Peninsula, the benefit of which is proportional to the number of hours we can have in the suitable ranges for the use of these techniques.


What make us different…

Comparative report of the wind ventilation systems that exist currently in the market


ECCO Wind Extractors Benefits

The installation of a Wind Extractor carries a great number of advantages and general benefits for its industrial or domestic installation. 

But in addition, ECCO Wind Extractors include specific additional benefits. In the following information boxes we detail them.


Among the general advantages of installing Ecco-Wind Extractors, we would like to emphasize:

  • It constantly renews the indoor air of your ambient (24 hours a day).
  • Reduces the thermal load generated by the exothermic production process.
  • Raises thermal comfort indexes: balances internal / external temperatures (in the shade).
  • Reduces airborne pollution.
  • Reduces indoor humidity in your ambient.
  • It creates a pleasant environment that encourages increased productivity.
  • Safe working conditions are achieved, also decrease in the accident rate and absenteeism.
  • It provides a more benign environment for the conservation of the structural elements of the building, goods, etc.
  • Improves storage conditions for products that may or may not be perishable.
  • Totally ecological, it does not consume electrical energy..
  • It contributes to the reduction of energy consumption in Air Conditioners located in the area of influence.
  • It does not produce noise.
  • It represents an excellent cost / benefit ratio.

THE RESULT are healthy spaces full of life thanks to the renewed and clean air from outside. Transforming loaded and stale places, and saving up to 50% of electricity consumption using free and sustainable energy sources (wind energy and solar energy).


Due to its exclusive design, The ECCO Ecological Wind Extractor has the following advantages over other ventilation systems:

1.- Made entirely of aluminium

  • Low weight (small starting torque), with a minimum breeze begins to swivel and increase its extraction capacity
  • Low weight, which facilitates installation, whatever the type of cover is
  • Corrosion resistance, especially in aggressive industrial or marine environments. Aluminium is highly resistant to atmospheric corrosion because, due to its great chemical affinity with oxygen, it spontaneously forms a thin, impermeable, resistant oxide layer in the air that is highly adherent to the metal, which prevents the corrosion from progressing

2.- Overlapping blades one on top of the other.

  • This exclusive design prevents the possible entry of water (rain …)

3.- Each blade has three inlays

  • The three inlays direct the drop towards the outside, therefore the entrance of water by rain is impossible.


Applications in the Industrial and Residential field

Our Wind Extractors can be used in a very wide number of Applications both in industry and residential filed.


  • Industrial premises
  • Factory with exothermic production processes
  • Factory with processes without exothermic production
  • Residential buildings through the exits of the shunts
  • Suspended ceilings to reduce thermal load
  • Farms reducing the accumulation of heat generated by solar radiation and by the heat given off by animals
  • Malls
  • Electrical Substations
  • Inverter booths for photovoltaic plants
  • Greenhouses
  • Warehouses
  • Paddle courts
  • Sports centres
  • Workshops
  • Logistics facilities
  • Storage of grain, nuts, etc.
  • Manufacturers of Cardboard, packaging, etc.
  • Food Industries
  • Fishing and / or Canning Industries
  • Foundries
  • Recycling and / or Waste Management
  • Graphics Industries
  • Marble Industries
  • Metallurgical Industries
  • Plastic Industries
  • Chemical Industries
  • Textile Industries
  • Fish farms
  • Waste water treatment plants (WWTP)
  • Drinking water treatment plants (DWTP)
  • Water tanks (deposits)


Para el caso de la instalación doméstica, destacamos:

Problema Solución
Aparición de humedad en los cuartos de baño Disminuye la humedad en los cuartos de baño
Entrada y anidado de pájaros Evita la anidación de pájaros
Acumulación de malos olores en los cuartos de baño Evita el revoque por lo tanto acumulación de malos olores y no se apagan las calderas
Se apagan las calderas de gas
Mal tiro de la chimenea
Mejora el tiro de la chimenea y no entra el humo hacia el interior